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Bread Dumpling (Serviettenkloß)



German Style Hard Rolls @ 2 oz each

Butter a steamed pudding mold and coat with bread crumbs.

Dice 4 rolls and brown in butter and set aside.

Dice the remaining rolls and soak in hot milk.  

Important: Use only enough milk to make the rolls soggy!

Beat the eggs and lightly season with salt and nutmeg.

Mix all the above ingredients together and transfer into the form.  

Close the form and place into a pot of boiling water, making sure that the water only comes up ¾ers on the form.

Steam covered for one hour.

Turn onto a platter, sprinkle with roasted breadcrumbs or parsley and slice like a cake before serving.

Serve with gravy.

1¼ cup

hot Milk

4 tbs



Eggs, large

½ tsp


2 pinches


Breadcrumbs roasted in Butter or finely chopped Parsley

A Serviette is German for napkin. The dough of this Dumpling used to be or still is put into a cloth napkin (instead of a pudding form), tied shut and boiled, hence the name.

The hard rolls could be substituted with the equal weight of a crusty French Baguette.

Bavarian Pork roast with
Bread Dumpling and Sauerkraut

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