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Suelze, (Sülze)

Souse extra lean or Head Cheese without the head and cheese


Day 1:

Cut 10# Pork Sirloin into 1 inch cubes.

Combine Salt and DQ Cure and mix together with the meat. The cure salt mix will change the color of the meat, that is normal.

Refrigerate over night.

Day 2:

Transfer the cured meat into a large stock pot, cover with water and add the piece of onion.

Bring to a boil and simmer, till meat can be shredded easily.

Remove onion and transfer meat to a large bowl. Reserve the liquid the meat was cooked in.

Shred meat while hot. A rubber glove with a cotton glove liner works well for this.

Mix in the diced raw onion.

Add water to the  reserved liquid to equal 7# and bring back to a boil, while adding Caraway, Nutmeg, Black Pepper, Essig Essence and Maggi Liquid. Turn off heat and stir in Gelatin.

Split meat into containers and fill up with the gelatin water (½ Meat to ½ Liquid).

Take a spoon, stir up the mix and refrigerate, till completely solid.

To serve, flip the suelze out of the container onto a plate, surround with diced onions and garnish with a sprig of Parsley.

Cut and enjoy with a nice double crusted German Rye Bread and a cool Lager Beer.

For extra zest more white wine vinegar can be added when serving.


Pork Sirloin




diced raw Spanish Onions


Spanish Onion left in 1 piece


Gelatin unflavored



6 Tbs

Essig Essence vinegar

1 Tbs

Maggi liquid seasoning

10 pinches

Black Pepper, ground

2 pinches

Caraway, ground

1 pinch

Nutmeg, ground

11.9 g

DQ Cure (6% sodium nitrite)

See Remarks below picture

I make it for Christmas and have to double the recipe as most of my friends and  some of my neighbors are waiting for their fair share.
The unique taste of the two items below are essential to the flavor profile of this recipe and I myself would not substitute them.
Essig Essence is a German vinegar concentrate made by Surig  and available in most German meat markets or speciality stores. Can’t find it, Geier’s Sausage Kitchen in Sarasota, Florida can send it to you.
Maggi Liquid Seasoning available in most German and Polish stores it is also carried  by many Oriental Food stores. Again see Geier’s Sausage Kitchen.

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